from Saki
My character Caimenous, being himself.
Oh, you'd BETTER run, Seravi, or you'll soon be smiling on the other side of your ass.
Black Jack, everyone's (well, MY) favorite unlicensed renegade surgeon.
Harry Potter meets Akazukin Chacha (two great flavors in one!)
from Saki
from Saki
from Saki
from Rei
forgot to put this here before; I asked Sae and Tochi to draw this for me when I saw them at Fanime con 2000. ^^
Sexy bastard Snape.
My iceboy Caimenous.
Clumsy Tarasquel from my story "Gloria in Excelsis".
from Sae and Tochi
from Sae
from Kira
Power Puff romance novel heroines.
On the occasion of my going away.  (I'm back now.)
Almost Heaven characters revolutionize the world!PAGE 1 2 3
Beautiful Maetel from Galaxy Express 999.
from Saki
from Saki
from Saki
Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho being all shinigami.
A clefairy girl.
A bishie.
Video games!
from Saki
from Yume
My old character Cassiel.  Hm, this was probably the first fanart of my characters ever...
A sweet little angel.
Saki's character Stevie and tiger friend.
from Saki
from Kilvear
from Simon Jones
from Saki

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