Who is this Icarus guy?
He's this page's mascot. He's a precocious little kid who wears a big pair of wings. The wings often seem like more trouble than they're worth, but he wouldn't give them up for the world. 

Isn't Icarus from Greek mythology or something?
Sure. You can read the myth of Icarus here


"Official" Art
In other words, drawn by me.

Christmas card image for 2002

layout images for Halloween 2002 - Nightmare Before Christmas/Kingdom Hearts parodyChristmas card 2001 -- drawn with a mouse in Painter ^^;;Halloween 2001Victorian photograph

Christmas 2000Wings to the Future -- New Year 2001Halloween 2000falling from orbit



People draw Icarus for me. I love them.

Also check out The League of Extraordinarily Pretty Greek Boys, by Pere-chan, in which Icarus stretches his superspy wings.

Icarus gets himself an overzealous admirer. Told you he was reeling in the babes.
Gotta love that watch chain.
Ooh!  Icarus looks kinda like Eriol from CCS here!  Very cute.
Jay kicks ass at watercolor.  What's even more kick-ass is that I have the original of this!  *_*
Just a kid, but already he's reeling in the babes.
Drawn for me at Fanime 2000. ^_^  Wah, he looks so cute in Sae's style!
Aah, classical-looking Icarus. ^_^
Icarus poses all classy-like with the rose and the stained glass. ^_^
Can't you just tell that Mahala's a CLAMP fan? ^_^  Love the Clover-y/Rayearth-y look.
Old school Niko Geyer art!  He's the guy who does Fantasy Realms, and as you can see, he's great at drawing cute little kids.
Awwww!  Damn, Elaine draws pretty Icaruses. *_*
Contemplative bishounen Icarus!  I love it.
Icarus gets ready to revolutionize the world.
Icarus and friend.  Aww, kittyyy...
Cool, a slightly more realistic Icarus. ^_^
So bored!
My first ever Icarus fanart! ^_^

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