A drawing which was about a year old when I decided to color it in Painter, to test out my new tablet. Once colored, it sat around for a month or two because it still felt incomplete somehow. Finally I just added a stupid Render Lighting filter in Photoshop. Cheesy, I know, but I think it makes the image a little less plain, so I went with it. And even then I was planning to wait until this character makes a proper appearance in that comic thing I'm doing; but this page was hurting for new content, so. Here it is now. ^^;;
I hadn't colored anything with natural media for literally a billion years. It was getting so I wondered if I still knew how. At any rate, one afternoon I finally sat myself down and doodled something on a scrap of watercolor paper and painted it with my moldy watercolor set. It didn't turn out too wonderful (I completely screwed up on the nose, and had to try and fix it messily afterwards); but it didn't turn out too horrible either. She is a character from a story idea I've been kicking around recently, and is based on a deliciously morbid Grimm's fairy tale called "The Maiden With No Hands".
Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I was sitting in an Art History class and doodling in my sketchbook. Before I knew it I had drawn this all in one sitting. A few days later, I inked it. And then I forgot about it for a year or so. Then I dragged it out and started an attempt at coloring it, which proceeded in short bursts every few months or so. Now, finally, years later, this is done as it will ever be. I still like the drawing, though as I've said it's a few years old now. The characters are Caimenous and his love interest. Her back's turned for no special reason other than it just turned out that way; and I didn't realize until I was done coloring it that I'd given her Yukino from KareKano's uniform. ^^;;
I was intentionally holding this back for a while, but I suppose it's been long enough. ^^ It was my Christmas card in 2000. That was the first Christmas I'd ever spent away from the Philippines; and although I had my Mom, Dad, and brother with me, it was still sad not being around our extended family and our traditional Chrismas setting. So this image pretty much came from the heart. We were in California, by the way, so there was no snow; but it was certainly cold enough for me, thank you very much. ^^;; The character is Alana, who you can find in a couple of other CGs down below.
Damn, I told you I draw Caimenous too much. ^_^;; This is actually one of those "happy accident" kinds of pictures. I was doodling in class, and this came out. I thought, "Hm, that looks nice." So I scanned it later that day; and since I felt like trying OpenCanvas again, I colored it. I thought, "Hm, that looks nice." So I had to come up with some kind of background, and decided to try throwing his shadow on the wall behind him. Then as I was doing that, I suddenly thought,"Hey, what if it wasn't his shadow, but the Snow Queen's?" And that worked out, and it was quite nice. Though the Snow Queen looks a little Edea-ish.
Darth Flower's badass magical girl form, drawn rather hastily in black and white. Darth Flower is fun to draw; I really should draw her more, as opposed to 20,000 pictures of Caimenous. ^^;;; (Watch as I go draw 20,000 more right now.) That stupid squiggly thing she's holding is supposed to be a stupid lightsaber-ish thing. Snort.
This sketch had been sitting on my hard drive for, oh, a couple of years. I finally decided to dig it up and finish CGing it. Then, when I was done, I realized that there was this huge blank space on the right side of the image. So, for lack of anything better to put there, I inserted a few choice lines from Shelley's poem "Ozymandias". I suppose it's kinda sorta appropriate... somehow... Anyway, it's Caimenous the snow-boy again. Because I draw him way too much.
This was drawn one night while watching Saturday Night Live, CG'd several weeks later... and then languished in our harddrive for months on end, because for the life of me I could not come up with a decent caption. I still can't. But it's Alana, who you might recognize from a couple of my old CGs and Christmas pics, and that nameless guy I'm so fond of.
A contributions to the Elfwood CCG project -- the "Evil Reflection" card. I was having scanner trouble at the time, and the scan of the line art was all jagged; so I ended up using the Smudge tool to try and make the lines smoother.
A cheap monotoned sketchie thing of Hades and Persephone, from one of my in-limbo story ideas. ^^;; Yes, that's Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology.
Once again, Caimenous the snow-boy. ^-^ I really like how this came out. But I couldn't decide between that version and this version, so they're both up here. I even made a 1024x768 wallpaper out of it, in case anyone's interested.
TERROR OF THE BISHONENOIDS!!!!!!!! This phrase just spontaneously popped into my head one night; possibly the result of watching too many late-night episodes of Doctor Who with titles like "ROBOTS OF DEATH" and "BRAIN OF MORBIUS". Anyway, the damage was done; I was unable to stop giggling, nor could I exorcise the phrase from my mind until I had sat down and drawn this image. I tried to make it look as crappy and 60's sci-fi-ish as possible. I'm not sure if the girl is supposed to be Darth Flower or not. My favorite part of the picture is the red-haired guy on the right. "Grrrrrr!" ^o^ I know he looks suspiciously like Touga from Utena; maybe that was somewhat intentional. ^^;; There's a bigger version here.
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Prostrate yourselves before the Dark Lord of the Shoujo!!! ^o^ ...Anyway, this is Darth Flower, a former sweetie-pie schoolgirl shoujo heroine, who turned to the Dark Side. Now she uses her supernatural shoujo charm to amass an unstoppable army of bishounen, and take over the world. That's DF herself in the middle, with her former self Hanasaka-chan on her right, and her scary magical girl form on her left.
This was an entry for the Monthly Anime Drawing Contest Where The Pics Are Influenced By Popular Music. (aka "the monthly with the long-ass acronym".) It features Kei from my Hidden Agenda comic, and Caimenous, my snow-boy. Kinda dippy. Whee.
This was my "millenial commemorative" front page image. It's Kei, the main character from my Hidden Agenda comic, looking all menacing and out-of-character! The outfit is inspired by CLAMP... and of course, it wouldn't look CLAMP-ish without all the little useless straps and accesory thingies. Then, to round off the ensemble, a great big scythe. Thank you, thank you.
This image is sorta inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen story The Snow Queen. I call him Caimenous. He does have a story behind him, which I plan to tell someday. But for now, I rather like how this came out. ^_^
This was me practicing working in black and white, as well as test-driving the pens Saki bought me in the States (thanks Saki! ^_^) It didn't come out too bad, considering how little practice I've had using a brush pen. By the way, this is the same guy from that awful 'no-name' cg in the oubliette.
I was one night suddenly overtaken by the urge to draw a character with weird hair, and color it with colored pencils. So I did. I finished the whole thing in about three hours. He's a character from Hidden Agenda, my pathetically unupdated comic. ^^;;
This was a teeny-tiny little doodle of Tarasquel I did while not paying attention (as is usual) during Environmental Science class. It turned out to be not just an action pose (gasp!) but the only halfway decent armor design I've been able to do so far. So I cheap-CG'd it. The sword is Eye Candy's Fire filter.
I really worked my ass off for this one. About a gajillion airbrushed layers, occupying in excess of 50 megs on our hard drive. It was my 1998 Christmas card; I wanted to go a little beyond the usual cute-character-in-a-Santa-suit type picture, and draw something as warm and fuzzy as I always feel about Christmas. My mom is a sucker for those native Christmas scene type cards, so I tried to make my own version.

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