(Frequently Asked/Imagined Questions)

Q: I'm so terribly confused! What is all this?

A: An excellent question. Please consult your local philosopher and/or religious authority figure.

Q: No, I mean the webpage.

A: Ah... Icarus Falls is basically the place where I put up my art and whatever else I may see fit to inflict upon the world at large. It first saw the proverbial light of day in 1997, on Geocities. Later on, it moved to Tripod, then to Simplenet, and then Simplenet was bought by Yahoo and they offered their members free domains if they would stay on, and... yeah.

Q: It all looks so dreadfully familiar. Did you rip this design off from something?

A: The current page design is inspired by one of my favorite manga series, Clover, by CLAMP. I was trying to come up with a new design, and figured the black and white minimalist thing would be simple, elegant, and above all, easy. ^^;;

Q: Hang on. Who the hell are you?

A: It is I, Andrael, creator of this webpage and most of the stuff on it.

Q: How do you spell that again?

A: It's A-N-D-R-A-E-L (as opposed to A-N-D-R-E-A-L); which can get pretty confusing seeing as my real name is Andrea and my middle initial is L and... ah forget it. -_-;;;

Q: I am breeding an unstoppable army of clones. May I have a DNA sample?

A: Er, I don't think so. But you are perfectly free to link to my page, and to use one of these complimentary link banners to do so.

Q: May I stalk you?

A: If you're all that interested, you might first want to take a look at my personal profile, and this list of some of my favorite things. If that doesn't scare you off, I don't know what will.

Q: So is it true that Snape will fall in love with Arabella Figg, and Remus will be killed by his twin brother Romulus?

A: Get your nose out of that book and go watch TV.

Q: Oh, the beauty! My heart can't contain it all! May I use your artwork for my webpage/role playing character/tatoo/toilet paper?

A: Er... maybe. You'll have to e-mail me and ask my permission first, though. ^_^

Q: I e-mailed you and you haven't responded! And no, that's not a question, that's a statement.

A: I'm really sorry! I'm afraid I'm quite terrible when it comes to correspondence of any kind. Just ask my old pen pals. ^^;;; At any rate, if you're really expecting a response and it's been a couple of weeks or something like that, try mailing me again. It could be that I'm lazy busy, or procrastinating. Or it could be that it actually slipped my mind. ^^;; Or, your message could have gotten lost in the e-mail servers. Stranger things have happened.

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