This was done AGES ago -- so much so that I'm really not sure what year I should put on it -- but I forgot to scan it in. Anyway, here it is now. I had this silly idea for an old Monthly Anime Alternative topic which involved practical jokes that would be played on anime characters. I drew this and liked the idea, but didn't really feel like finishing it. So my friend Saki took it, inked it, and colored it with markers. Voila! (And though I had drawn plenty of CLAMP characters before, this was my first attempt at drawing CLAMP themselves. ^_^)
Nasubionna with the great Harry Potter art page was having a sort of coloring contest; so naturally I jumped at the chance to plaster my name over her beautiful artwork. >:D Colored in Painter, with a few highlights in Photoshop.
Saki's the one who came up with the idea for this; it's my character, Caimenous (who stars in a buttload of pictures in the Original Gallery) and Saki's character Stevie, playing the respective roles of David Bowie and Jennifer Connely in the movie The Labyrinth. ^_^  I drew Caimenous, she drew Stevie, and I CG'd the whole thing and slapped it together in Photoshop.  I don't know about you, but I'm pleased with the result. >:D
This prettyboy is Topaz, an original character of my friend Mahala a.k.a. Peregrine Vision -- she drew, I CG'd.
Drawn by Saki, colored by me.  This is fanart for Daimos, one of those old 70's giant-robot-versus-the-invading-aliens series... an ancestor of Evangelion (funny, in Daimos' case, that the invading aliens actually look like "angels" ^^)  The girl is Erika, their princess, who has a forbidden romance with the pilot of the big Earth-defender robot.  The blond dude in the corner is her older brother.

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