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Ein and Ayane [Dead or Alive 2]

SOURCE: Dead or Alive 2 (video game)

Ein and Ayane, drawn as a belated birthday present to my brother. DOA2 is actually quite a fun game even if it is just a bouncing boob fest. ^0^ Colored with Prismacolor pencils and a little marker and gel pen. The lines they're spouting are their actual lines in the game. ^^;; You know... I think this is my first ever video game fanart. O___O Next time I should draw Helena, she's my favorite. ^_^
Rico and Lila [Fantasy Realms] SOURCE: Fantasy Realms (comic) Once upon a time, Niko Geyer drew me some cute Icarus fanart. Some time passed, and his characters came to be featured at the MAG. So naturally I had to draw some. And it had to be Rico, because Rico's my favorite. ^_^
Cameron SOURCE: Original Character by Sae Part of a character exchange! Sae drew my snow-boy Caimenous for me, and I drew her dragon-turned-human-guy Cameron. ^_^ My picture is all red and fire-y while hers is all blue and ice-y... isn't that cool? ^-^ ...Okay, I'll be quiet. ~~;;
Indy, Piper, and Miles [Sundowner] SOURCE: Sundowner (comic) Miles! That's right, Miles is my favorite Sundowner character! ^-^ So when Piper was the featured character at Monthly Original Bishoujo, I saw it as an excuse to draw a picture with Miles in it! Go Miles! Go Piper! Go Indy! Wheee! Too much sugar for me!
Wilhelmina Murray [The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen] SOURCE: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (comic) I'm in love. Okay, so the anatomy and perspective look kind of funky, but I just love how the picture came out as a whole. And I actually drew and colored a background! *faints* Who would have guessed that I could draw a submarine? Not me. Anyway, Miss Murray is my favorite character, she rules. ^-^ The Nautilus rules too *points to submarine*. I also made an alternate version of this, which was Photoshopped to resemble an old Victorian photograph. I think I like that version even better.
Ellidrith [Dancing for the Stars] SOURCE: Dancing for the Stars (comic) Fanart of Lady Ellidrith, from Elaine's lovely online manga Dancing for the Stars. I procrastinated on finishing this for a ridiculously long time, but at least it turned out decent in the end. I was trying to make her look really creepy and ghost-like, the sort of figure who would give you a heart attack if you ran into her while wandering the halls of Darian Tower late at night. It's mostly watercolor pencil, with a smidgen of watercolor, marker, and white correction fluid.
SOURCE: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (comic) I cannot stop giggling. Yes, I am so far gone that I would garner countless hours of amusement from drawing the cast of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in super-deformed mode. I can't decide which of the little guys I like best. I'm quite proud of my Chibi-Griffin and Chibi-Nemo; but I also find myself irresistably drawn to little Chibi-Jekyll's expression. Chibi-Murray and Chibi-Quatermain are adorable too... but Chibi-Hyde looks rather off somehow. ^^;;

SOURCE: X (manga)

Heh heh heh... "Destiny Boy". Kamui is a weenie! No, I don't really dislike Kamui; he's too pretty to dislike. But I do enjoy mocking him, because he's a weenie!
SOURCE: Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime) This was a gift for Erin Grace Wright, who very kindly sent me tapes of the second part of the Utena TV series. ^-^ It's the Black Rose boys, Mikage and Mamiya! I surprised myself by coloring it cel-style. There are some errors (I think I made Mamiya too small ^^;;), but otherwise I like it. ^_^
SOURCE: Original Character by Julie Dillon Ronai was Julie Dillon's character for the Monthly Anime Gaijin. He's an angry cybermage villain, and a biseinen to boot. ^-^ I did this in one afternoon, with markers and watercolor pencils. It's not perfect, but I'm quite pleased with it.
SOURCE: Ayashi no Ceres (manga) Ceres, looking like the scary bitch goddess she is. Markers are fun.

SOURCE: Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime)

Utena-sama! ^^ The small words in the background are random interesting lyrics from the various duel songs.

SOURCE: Clover (manga)

Kazuhiko and Suu, done with colored pencils and a gel pen for the lettering. On the whole I'm pretty pleased with this; I did work really hard on it, after all. Though Suu's eyes are freaky and Kazuhiko has no feet. -_-

SOURCE: Tokyo Babylon (manga) I kind of tried for that solid-color-and-nonsensical-caption style found in most of the illustrations in the Tokyo Babylon Photographs artbook. ^^ TB has always been one of my favorite CLAMP series, although maybe not for the same reasons everyone like it; I personally didn't really care whether Subaru and Seishirou were ever going to start snooging. I wanted to see Hokuto-chan, dammit! Hokuto kicked ass! She still kicks ass, to this day. ;__;
SOURCE: Original Character by K Another MAG submission... This is Josei, a character created by the very talented K. A pretty girl who turns into a unicorn... who could resist? The CGing was pretty easy, but the JPG compression came out crappy no matter how high I set it; so I saved it as a GIF, hoping to pass the pixelation off as an artistic effect. ^^;;; This actually reminds me of a particular episode of Ally McBeal... perhaps you know the one I'm talking about.
SOURCE: Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime) Looking at this image now, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be cute or morbid. Maybe cutely morbid, or morbidly cute. ^^;;;
SOURCE: Yu Yu Hakusho (anime) Aheheh... ^^;; I sorta wanted to make Kurama look more... rugged than usual; so I tried to make him up like some kind of old rock star. ^^;; ...Anyway, I hadn't used markers in a loooooong time, so I was shocked at how well they turned out here.
SOURCE: Original Character by Shig A Monthly Anime Gaijin. Her name's Reah D'Avignon. I'm usually too lazy to participate in the MAG, but I liked her design, so...
SOURCE: Galaxy Express 999 (anime) Maetel is so cool.

SOURCE: X (manga)

Old and crusty, but still a classic. Am I talking about this picture, or am I talking about the two old geezers in it? Great thinkers shall be debating over that very matter for generations to come.
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