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SOURCE: Demonology 101 (webcomic)  
SOURCE: Rapunzel (webcomic)  
SOURCE: Princess Tutu (anime) Sorry, Mytho, but Fakir makes a more macho action hero than you, and he screams like a girl when mean ballerinas throw feathers at him. Come to think of it, Kraehe is a more macho action hero than you, and she spends like 85% of her time crying. But the coolest and most badass action hero of all is Princess Tutu!
SOURCE: Princess Tutu (anime) Please note: this image contains notable SPOILERS for episode 23 or so of Princess Tutu. But I also worked ridiculously hard on it. Oh Rue-chan, when will you ever learn? (Answer: NEVER mwahahahaha).
SOURCE: Princess Tutu (anime) Princess Tutu and Princess Kraehe, from my new favorite anime series. Yes, it is a magical girl anime. Yes, it is a magical girl anime with magical ballerinas. Shut up, okay? Best anime ever, I'm telling you.
SOURCE: Urge to Kill Done for Monthly Original Bishoujo: The Winner's Circle, even though I'm not an eligible winner and practically never do monthly contest subs anymore; but Space Coyote's characters were just too irresistable. How could I not want to draw fighting game characters based on famous killers? These are cannibal schoolgirl Gina Dahmer, mysterious vigilante Jack (the grapes are a From Hell reference), and the juicy delicious brains of Johnny B.
SOURCE: The Ring (movie)

Just a pic of Sadako that I doodled on a class handout with a ballpen, then colored messily in Painter. One should never spend too much time CGing a pic of Sadako, because if you stare at it too long, you start to feel like she's crawling out of your computer monitor; and then it's time to run screaming and hide under the bed. (Sadako, not Samara; though I felt the Hollywood version was a good adaptation overall, Samara just wasn't as scary as Sadako. I mean, she's Lilo, for God's sake!)

SOURCE: A Miracle of Science (webcomic) Benjamin and Caprice from one of my favorite webcomics, A Miracle of Science. It's got mystery, mad science, and creepy collective intelligences! Did I say 'creepy'? Sorry Caprice; I meant 'cute'. I'm relatively pleased with how this came out, though it took me forever to figure out how to do the window thing.

SOURCE: X (manga/anime)

Karen is great. Karen rules all. Worship the Karen. I felt I had to do a decent fanart of her; and I think it turned out pretty good, aside from the usual big head issues (how come it never looks as big on paper as it does on the monitor? >_<). I'd wanted to draw a nice background, but nothing I could come up with was up to snuff; thus, the pretty but cheap stained glass window stock photo background. ^_^
SOURCE: Utopia: Heart of Zion (comic) A doodle gift for Saki, of her characters Alex and Stevie, plus a nasty dragon thing. Colored in Painter. Fight, Alex!
Samurai Jack SOURCE: Samurai Jack (TV animation) Yes, I love Samurai Jack -- the character and the show. ^__^ I was trying to ape the shows art style here -- hence the lack of black outlines, etc. -- without mutating my own style too much. ^^ The background is okay, but a bit simple, considering that the show itself usually has such nice backgrounds.
SOURCE: Dancing for the Stars (webcomic) A gift for Elaine, in commemoration of certain events from her comic, and of her going to study abroad. Yay! Colored in OpenCanvas.
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