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December 22 , 2003:

I was a bit discouraged to read, just as I was finishing up the main page image, that Little Drummer Boy was unofficially elected the Worst Holiday Carol of all time. Oh well, I like it at any rate; hope it doesn't sour anybody's holiday mood. ^^;;;

I have several new CGs that I've been working at on and off; unfortunately, most of them are not ready for this update. ^^;; I have one new image in Fanart I, one newly colored old image in Original, and a couple of Sketches. Also, I've added last year's Christmas card image to the Icarus gallery; so if you didn't get my card last year, you can check it out now and pretend that under 'Merry Christmas' it says '2003' instead of '2002'. If you want to see what I've been working on recently, check out that comic thing. And, as ever, if you want to be notified of this site's sporadic updates, please join the mailing list on your left there. (If you were on my old Yahoo list, that's been deleted, so please join this one instead.)

Well, that's it. Merry Christmas or whatever, Happy Everything, see you around. ^__^



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